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Sam Ekong has a fresh writing style that is the result of a unique perspective and an interesting life. So far, he has self-published two books, completed a third one that is ready for publication, and is working on the next.


book - Diary of a mad black woman

Diary of a Married Woman

Much of his first novel, Diary of a Married Woman, is autobiographical. He loosely based the main character on himself, and the book’s plot follows some of his own experiences. While the story itself did not reflect the proudest moments of Sam’s life, he learned much from them and felt those lessons were worth sharing with others. Thus, Sam Ekong, the author, was born. 

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Ordered to Kill

Sam’s second novel, Ordered to Kill, though fictional and brilliant, centers on the dramatic tale of a courageous army officer forced to choose between integrity and duty-bound obedience. In the moment, he chooses to defy an order from his arrogant commanding officer. His actions lead him to go AWOL, running for his life as the army issues the order to have him killed.

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Order to Kill Book cover
Sam Ekong untitled book

The next novel, yet untitled and fictional, deals with human greed, blackmail, and murder, all brilliantly woven together to give the reader a good insight into human nature. It is a page-turner and will be published soon.

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