A Man of Accomplishment

How did he do it? 

Sam’s life has been one of hard work, love, and service. From the courage it took to leave all that was familiar to him in Nigeria for a host of unknowns in the U.S., to finding the love of his life, the late Lavinia Ruckes and building a family, to a distinguished career as an engineer and former councilman – he’s lived a varied versatile life. 

A few of his accomplishments so far:

Dual Degree Wielder

Sam holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.

Early Politics

He was the President of the Graduate Student Senate at Georgia Tech, 1982-1984

Who’s Who?

Sam was listed in the Who’s Who in the East in the USA, 1991-1992

As a Writer

He’s published numerous papers on various areas of expertise in engineering. Also has written and published two fictional novels: The Diary of a Married Woman and Ordered to Kill. Currently working 

Giving Back

In 2013, Sam was elected as a Councilman for the city of Northville, Michigan; his two terms ended in 2021.

Family Man

Sam is a widower, has a daughter and four adorable grandchildren, a brother, three sisters, and a host of nieces/nephews—all of whom he loves very much.

Diving In

He’s a licensed SCUBA diver and hits the open water every chance he gets.

Building a Bright Future

He has decided to embark on a new venture – be a full-time writer.

Want to help Sam accomplish more? 

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