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Sam the politician

Sam Ekong once served the City of Northville in the best way he knew how: by closely examining the issues that matter to that community and taking stances that put the success of the community and its citizens first. Civil rights, fairness, and an effective, efficient, and cooperative government are issues that Sam fought for when he was a councilman. Circumstances forced Sam to take a sabbatical from politics, but rest assured that he will be back.

As a councilman, Sam was dedicated to serving the community of Northville.


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The councilman’s goals include:

Preserve the city’s Historic and Downtown Business District.

This is one of the key areas that draw in tax dollars from outside our community; therefore, it is key to providing funding for city improvements.

Increase cooperation between all Northville City and Township businesses.

Currently, we share various services with other neighboring cities and townships; we should extend these efforts to businesses because such cooperation will strengthen our individual communities.

Work cooperatively with Community Groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, our Churches, etc.

These organizations provide invaluable services to our Northville community; let’s give them the tools to continue to do so.

Maintain and/or increase the level of cooperation and joint services with Northville Township, Northville Board of Education, and other neighboring municipalities, including the county, state, and the U.S. government.

When your government is organized and each branch cooperates with the other, our community wins; sharing the cost for certain services like fire protection and policing leaves money in the budget for otherwise underfunded services.

Continue to improve our streets, sidewalks and infrastructure.

Our streets and sidewalks are the life-blood of our city; we travel on them to get to work, shop, visit with friends and family, go to the park, everything. Let’s make your drive or walk both safe and pleasurable.

Solve traffic and parking problems.

Northville is a vibrant, growing community. Unfortunately, some areas do not have the necessary parking available to accommodate everybody. Let’s make our city more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly while also working to create more parking in impacted areas, such as downtown and the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Maintain the level of government that our community wants and needs – a fiscally responsible administration.

No one wants to raise taxes or mileage to pay for waste; instead, let’s manage our resources better to maximize the funding we already have.

Work with and show appreciation to our city employees and the value they contribute to all residents.

Appreciating our city workers is important. They work hard for us all and make our community a better place to live.

Be a continual positive force for solutions and problem resolution at all levels of government.

Let’s always seek positive change in our city and work with our state and national officials, and other municipalities to find solutions to those problems we all face.

National issues

Sam Ekong also takes an interest in larger, national issues, like:

  • Equal pay
  • Global Warming
  • Unemployment in Inner Cities
  • Immigration
  • LGBT/Q
  • Transportation
  • Welfare

To learn more about Sam Ekong’s political views, contact him today. He’s always happy to discuss the issues.