Sam is a self-published author of two books.

book - Diary of a mad black woman


Love, Lust, Infidelity, and Emotional Awakenings. 

Is It True Love? Or Just Lust?

Despite being a devoted and loving wife for ten years, Amber Smith’s marriage is crumbling. Her husband no longer exhibits the love and affection Amber so desperately needs.

When she meets a mysterious young man named Blessing, Amber finds herself caught up in an intense and passionate love affair. She wrestles with guilt, jealousy, and shame over her affair, but she didn’t see a way out. Does Amber love Blessing? Or is it merely lust?


What Happens When It’s All Over?

The idea that Mike was having an affair didn’t bother me that much. It was ironic that his own indiscretion, if it was true, would be so close to home as well. It wasn’t really that I still loved him because I didn’t. It wasn’t that I was jealous because I wasn’t. It was just that I’d never thought of him as one who would have an affair. Could this be true, I kept thinking?

My thought went back to Blessing, how I wished he was here to share the moment with me and watch the rain fall. I thought about the way he usually talks to me, looks at me and the way he touches me. These thoughts are not strange to me at all because at night, whenever I’m lonely, I often think about him. Whenever I feel disenchanted, which is often these days, I think of him. And most importantly, whenever I needed to remind myself how good a man could make me feel, I think about him.

How will Amber contend with what the future holds? Will she come to terms with her true heart’s desire? Or will she lose the man she loves?  Find out what happens!

Order to Kill Book cover

Ordered to Kill

A Search for the Truth, a Hunt for the Man

Major Eddy Mathews Graves, a brilliant soldier, was so fed up with the game of war in Iraq that he sent a diskette containing something incriminating to the New York Times. What did he send and why? Was it classified? Did his commanding officer, General Fletcher, abruptly resign because of it? 

Those were part of the questions the White House desperately needed answers to. But before they could get the answers, Major Graves took it on the lam and went AWOL.

Soon the whole event took a life of its own. The House of Representatives was demanding answers and scheduling congressional hearings. The election was drawing near and the President’s party was beginning to take a beating in the polls. He became desperate and marked the Major for assassination. 

Thereafter, the international manhunt for the Major began in earnest, pitting the team of CIA Operatives and the Israeli Secret Service against Cuba’s principal intelligence Agency, DGI.

Will the unlikely alliance between the Director of the CIA and the Cuban Secret Service be the Major’s only hope of survival? Will he have the chance to reveal what he had sent to the Times and why, or has his fate been permanently sealed? Find out.

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